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Signup and Familiarize with Diadem Express Cloud Environment

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Last updated: 04 Jan, 2023

Open https://diadem.in/diadem-paas-cloud/ and from the drop down click on sign up as shown in the given below image enter the email address in the respective fields, after signup received a notification mail for further process of signup.

From the notification mail I created the password for my account.

With just few simple steps you have been able to signup all the details will be sent to the registered email address, login using the credentials to Diadem EC.

Few options to get familiarize once logged in:

Once you log-in to Diadem EC environment the Dashboard will be quite similar as given below, we have already deployed magento from our end as you can see, will will cover the details in installing very soon.


New Environment: to create new environment


Market Place: here you will get you favorite application which can be installed hassle-free with just few clicks.


Settings: you can add SSH for private key, also can manage you accounts.

Billing History: From this segment you can check the amount that has been deducted.

Article ID: 962
Last updated: 04 Jan, 2023
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