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Domain Control Panel Overview (ENOM)
Below is the step by step guideline for Domain Control Panel access for “ENOM”. 1) Login to the ENOM domain access control panel at http://access.diadem-tech.com/ with your domain user name and password. 2) To change the DNS click “Edit” under “DNS Information” section. You can set you own Name...
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Domain Control Panel Overview - Rclub
Below is the step by step guideline for Domain Control Panel access for “RClub”. Login to the domain control panel at http://manage.diadem-tech.com/customer with your admin mail ID and password. Enter the Domain Name and select “Domain registration Service” and click the “Go” button. The home...
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How to generate SSL certificate from CRM Client Panel
Prerequisite: CSR certificate for the domain, either that will be generated and supplied by the client or we can generate the certificate from our end. To generate a certificate from our end we can click on generate a new certificate as per the steps below. To the SSL product from the service...
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Update Domain DNS records from Diadem CRM portal
How to Update Domain DNS records for your domain from Diadem CRM portal NOTE: This KB article is applicable only when your domain is registered but not hosted with us and you want to use our registrar nameservers for managing your DNS records. 1. The first step is to click on login as client...
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