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RDP client generation to connect windows server
1. At first download the required component form end of this page. 2. After that, open the file namely RDP Client.CMD on text editor and edit as per your requirment. A schreen short is given below for your referance: 3. Now open the executable file namely Bat_To_Exe_Converter.exe, and...
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Setup Printing in Terminal Server via PDF Transfer
1. At first download the setup file of Febooti Automation Workshop from URL: https://x.febooti.com/downloads/files/AutomationWorkshopSetup.exe ,task files and RDP plus setup from URL below: a. https://kb.diadem.in/afile/1174/67/1/ b. https://kb.diadem.in/afile/1174/68/1/ c....
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System Center App Controller overview
1. Put the URL: in internet explorer, then download and install Microsoft Silverlight. 2. After that allow the site SSL error(Currently no valid SSL was installed, we will install valid SSL later). 3. Next put user-id and password and click on Sign-in...
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