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Email Clients
Creating/deleting an email alias
Creating/deleting an email alias Login to the Plesk Control Panel to create email alias. Click on Mail tab. Click on any email ID to create it's alias from E-mail address. Click on E-mail Aliases tab. Below are the descriptions of above number sequence. 1. Assign a user name to be...
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Deleting an email account
Deleting an email account To delete the email account please follow the below steps: Login to the Plesk Control Panel to delete email account. Below are the descriptions of above number sequence. 1. Click on the Mail tab. 2. Click on the mail address that you want to delete and enable...
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How to download and setup AnyDesk
How to download and setup AnyDesk  1.At first open the browser and enter address https://anydesk.com/download    2.Click on the Save File option to save the file.  3.Go to the download folder and Right click on the downloaded AnyDesk file and open the file.  4.Click...
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Setting up Spam filter on individual email accounts through Plesk control panel
1.     First login into your website's Plesk Control Panel. 2.     Now click on the 'Mail' Tab of your control panel. This will make the Mail tab visible in your browser. 3.     In the Mail tab, you will find a list of...
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SPF record generation wizard
The following link allows you to generate a SPF record for your domain with an easy to understand wizard: http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/safety/content/technologies/senderid/wizard/default.aspx
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Your ISP IP is blocked in an Anti spam site
You often encounter some bounce messages stating that your mail could not be delivered to the intended recipient since your IP has been blocked by certain site. The bounce message will give you more details on the site that has blocked your IP. The reason is that the recipient domain has...
rating 07 May, 2011 Comments: 5