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Sitelock Malware Detector Setup Guide

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Last updated: 16 May, 2019

Once your Sitelock Antimalware product has been enabled from our end, below are the steps involved to setup and manage your Sitelock account and settings: 

Login URL:http://manage.diadem-tech.com/customer

Log in to your domain panel using log in credentials as provided from Diadem

Search for the domain name for which the Sitelock product has been enabled

To detect malware and prevent bad bot attacks on your website before they damage your reputation click on SiteLock then choose the option Admin Panel.

A new window will open, from DASHBOARD option you can check security summary of your website. On the Status column you will get the status of your website.

If you click on the WARNING button then you will get the details of vulnerabilities and its location

From SETTINGS > Scan Settings you can manage daily, weakly, monthly or quarterly scan of your website by clicking on Edit button.

From Download Settings you can provide the FTP details for your website so that Sitelock can autodetect and clean vulnerabilities on your website. To do this please choose the option Show me the wizard.

  • From the drop down menu choose the option FTP then please put your ftp user name and password on the marked field as bellow. Then click on TEST CONNECTION to test your FTP account with new credential.

  • Now choose the option httpdocs then click on THIS IS IT.

  • Now click on SAVE ALL SETTINGS to save your settings.

From SMART Settings you can automatically remove malware from your website.

If you have any additional questions or queries, please reach out to our support team over email or phone.

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Article ID: 719
Last updated: 16 May, 2019
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