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Create a new VM

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021

Create a new VM

You can easily create a new VM using Windows Admin Center.

Login to Windows Admin Center

Click on Virtual Machines on the Left Menu Bar under Tools Section.

Now you can configure your VM as per your need and requirement or you can follow the below-mentioned steps for configuring your Virtual Machine

  • Under the New virtual machine, enter a name for your VM.
  • Select Generation 2 (Recommended).
  • Under Host, select the server you want the VM to reside on.
  • Under Path, select a preassigned file path from the dropdown list or click Browse to choose the folder to save the VM configuration and virtual hard disk (VHD) files to. You can browse to any available SMB share on the network by entering the path as \server\share.
  • Under Virtual processors, select the number of virtual processors and whether you want to be nested virtualization enabled for the VM.
  • Under Memory, select the amount of startup memory (4 GB is recommended as a minimum), and a min and max range of dynamic memory as applicable to be allocated to the VM.
  • Under Network, select a network adapter from the dropdown list.
  • Under Storage, click Add and select whether to create a new empty virtual hard disk or to use an existing virtual hard disk. If you're using an existing virtual hard disk, click Browse and select the applicable file path.
  • Under the Operating system, do one of the following:

             Select Install an operating system later if you want to install an operating system for the VM after the VM is created.
             Select Install an operating system from an image file (*.iso), click Browse, then select the applicable .iso image file to use.

  • When finished, click Create to create the VM.

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Article ID: 1388
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021
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