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Setup Printing in Terminal Server via PDF Transfer

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Last updated: 06 Apr, 2019

1. At first download the setup file of Febooti Automation Workshop from URL: https://x.febooti.com/downloads/files/AutomationWorkshopSetup.exe ,task files and RDP plus setup from URL below:

       a. https://kb.diadem.in/afile/1174/67/1/

       b. https://kb.diadem.in/afile/1174/68/1/

       c. https://kb.diadem.in/afile/1174/69/1/ 

2.  Then double click on the setup file namely AutomationWorkshopFreeSetup.exe

3. Now click on Next button. 

4. Accept the license agreement and click on Next button. 

5. The default installation directory is 'C:\Program Files (x86)', if you want to change installation directory then click on Change button and select desire folder of your choice or you may click Next Button for default option. 

6. After that click Install button. 

7. Now the installation should start and should looks like below given screen shot. 

8. Once the installation got completed click on Finish button. 

9. Now double click on the shortcut created on the desktop during installation, once it's lunched click on File ⇒ Import. 


10. Next import two .task files, which we have download at fr step. 

11. Once the task files got success imported, it will show a success message as below:

12. After that go to the task list and Enable both the task by right click on it and reboot your PC. 

13. Once the system got rebooted, a drive with drive later X should be shown on the PC. 

14. Now connect the server using RDP plus download at first step with below given settings. 

15. Now change the PDFill settings as per the screen short below:

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Article ID: 1174
Last updated: 06 Apr, 2019
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